A tribute to one of the most successful Fighter units of WWII – the 35th Fighter Group
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450Aces Edition $325.00 Signed by Four 357th Fighter Group Aces
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25Aces Edition Artist Proof $525.00 Signed by Four 357th Fighter Group Aces
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400Victory In Europe Edition $495.00 Signed by Twelve 357th Fighter Group Pilots
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n April 1945, with the War virtually over, P-51 Mustangs of the 357th Fighter Group sweep unopposed at low level through the beautiful Rhine valley.

This was the first release in a pair of of limited editions commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the conclusion of World War II, paying tribute the USAAF in Europe 1942 – 1945 .

The second print in this pair is American Eagles and both prints feature the Mustangs of the 357th Fighter Group.

Each print is exclusively signed by 357th Pilots and up to SEVENTEEN signatures are available between the two prints, including some of the unit’s most prominent Aces.

Air Superiority is personally signed by up to TWELVE Fighter Aces and pilots all of whom flew in Europe with the 357th Fighter Group.


Joining artist Robert Taylor, each print is signed by FOUR highly prominent Aces from the 357th Fighter Group.

Colonel CLARENCE E “BUD” ANDERSON – 16 ¼ victories
Brigadier General FRANK L GAILER – 5 ½ victories
Lieutenant Colonel ROBERT G SCHIMANSKI – 6 victories
Captain ROBERT P WINKS – 5 ½ victories


Each print in this edition is additionally autographed by a further eight Aces and Pilots of the 357th Fighter Group making a total of TWELVE signatures in this edition:

First Lieutenant JOSEPH BLACK – 28 combat missions including a massive escort raid to Berlin
First Lieutenant RAYMOND CONLIN – Flew 71 missions, including D-Day and Market Garden
Lieutenant Colonel WILLIAM FOARD – Took part in all of the Squadron’s main escort raids
First Lieutenant DALE KARGER – 7 ½ victories, third youngest American Ace
Major JOHN KIRLA – 11 ½ victories
Captain WILLIAM OVERSTREET – Flew 50 combat missions over Berlin, Leipzeig and other cities
Colonel ARVAL ROBERSON – 6 victories in 76 combat missions
First Lieutenant JOHN SKARA – Wingman to Bud Anderson

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