Born in 1961, John was raised in Carson City, Nevada and from an early age was interested in creating visually exciting artwork, starting a career in art and graphic design in the early ’80s. Beginning as an illustrator, he created a wide variety of commercial artwork for numerous clients, among them Lucasfilms, Major League Baseball, Kellogg’s, and several major entertainment software companies.
In 1993 his career took a major turn when his lifelong passion for WWII Aviation just couldn’t be ignored any longer and he began publishing his historical aviation and military paintings, highlighting some of WWII’s great veterans.
Inspired by some of the leading aviation artists at the time he had little knowledge of the industry. His aviation paintings began as a labor of love, inspired not only by the ability to create stunning images, but also for a chance to meet some of the amazing veterans who made this history; and maybe even helping to preserve their legacy in some small way.
“I’ve considered it one of the greatest privileges of my life to have had the chance to work first-hand with guys who have become some of my greatest heroes. The best part of all for me is showing them the finished painting. So often, it’s as if you can see a movie playing behind their eyes, as they relive those days, and they’re 20 years old again”
Over almost 30 years, John’s historical aviation and military scenes have become some of the most famous and valuable lithograph prints in the industry, with many of his editions trading for considerable sums on the secondary market. His exquisite original paintings are extremely sought after and have found their way into homes, offices air force bases and museums across the globe, making him one of the world’s most collectible and highly regarded aviation and military artists.

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