Gerald Coulson painted professionally for over 50 years. The Fine Art Guild placed him among the top 10 best selling UK artists no less than 15 times in 12 years – 3 times at No. 1. He was a founder member of the Guild of Aviation Artists, and four times winner of the Flight International Trophy for outstanding aviation painting.

Coulson’s first love was aircraft, studying and drawing them at every opportunity, from an early age. His apprenticeship as an aircraft engineer, then as an RAF Technician and later an engineer with British Airways, allowed him an insight and intimate knowledge of the aircraft he painted. He combined this with his drawing ability to become a Technical Illustrator of service manuals for Civil and Military Aircraft. Gerald’s ability to capture these aircraft on canvas led to a painting career, which he took up full time in 1969; his work has been highly sought after ever since. Whatever the subject or type of aircraft, his ability to capture the realism and mood of the scene was unsurpassed, making him one of the world’s most collected and highly regarded artists.

Gaining his pilots license in 1960 and going solo in under 4 hours, he could regularly be seen buzzing his Tiger Moth over the Fens of Cambridgeshire.

Sadly Gerald passed away on 6 February 2021. He was one of the most important landscape, motor racing and aviation artists of his generation and his legacy will leave a lasting effect on the Fine Art market. As an aviation artist he had significant impact in popularizing the genre and helped create the industry that we know today.

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