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Destroying the ball bearing plant at Schweinfurt Germany became an important objective of  the U.S. Eighth Air Force early in WWII. Slowing or stopping production of  these essential  parts to supply Germany’s various weapons would seriously undermine Germany’s efforts in the war.

This battle scene depicts  FW-190s from II/JG1 making a frontal attack on  B-17Fs from the 91st Bomb Group, 1st Bomb Division, on its way to Schweinfurt on August 17 at about 2:00 p.m.. A group of Bf-110s has just fired their rockets at the rear of the formation, knocking down one B-17 and damaging another.

The Luftwaffe employed the frontal attack tactic early in the war with the idea of destroying the pilots. This, they thought, would doom the bombers faster than any other method as the big planes couldn’t continue with no one at the controls. In reality, the tactic proved very difficult as the closing speed of fighters and bombers allowed very little time for accurate aiming and most often  only one or two rounds might hit the cockpit area, if they hit at all.

Each print has been signed by the artist.


This canvas edition measures 28 x 20 inches and has been signed by the artist.

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Overall Print Size

26 x 21 inches

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22 x 16 inches


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