Wounded Warrior by Richard Taylor – Framed


With its inner port engine shot out and smoking badly, B-17G Silver Meteor from the 390th Bomb Group had slowly dropped out of the bomber stream, seemingly easy prey for the Luftwaffe fighters who closed for the kill. But before they could do so, the P-51s of Bud Anderson and Kit Carson of the 357th Fighter Group moved in and soon the attackers were driven off.  

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Framed Collectors Piece $665.00 Signed by Bud Anderson and Harry Seip
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Like many other missions they had undertaken in the summer of 1944, this one had been particularly cold, tough and dangerous for pilot Harry Seip and the crew of B17G Silver Meteor. The First Lieutenant and his men had set out on that morning, 11 July 1944, from a peaceful Framlingham, on another arduous mission to Munich.

With their bomb load dropped the crew headed for home, but the battle-scarred Fortress had been hit more than once, leaving the inner port engine shot out and Silver Meteor had steadily dropped behind the fast-disappearing bomber stream. Things were not looking good for Harry and his crew as the Luftwaffe fighters circled like sharks, closing in for an easy kill.

Luckily the enemy pilots were not the only ones that had spotted the ailing Fortress. The P-51s of two of the best Aces in the Eighth Air Force – “Bud” Anderson and “Kit” Carson – had also seen the danger and came tearing out of the blue sky into the action. Within minutes the German pilots had fled and the crew of Silver Meteor could breathe a sigh of relief. With these two legendary Aces guiding them home, Harry and his men would survive to fight another day.

At the time of signing the print Harry Seip was the last surviving member of the crew of Silver Meteor. This remarkable event lived vividly in his memory since the War and he was always thankful to Bud Anderson for saving his life and those of his men. Unfortunately, these two outstanding heroes were never able to meet, but thanks to this edition both of them finally came together to add authenticity to this remarkable story by personally signing the edition.


Along with artist Richard Taylor, every print is personally signed by the principal veterans in this moving story:

First Lieutenant HARRY SEIP

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May 2012


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