A moving tribute to the men who flew the B-17 with the Eighth Airforce during WWII
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Far removed from the hostile skies of Europe this B-17 Flying Fortress now lies peacefully, its guns silent and quiet forever, in the shallow waters of the Mediterranean where it came to rest so many years ago.

The men who flew this B17 and who, with countless others, braved the odds to fight for freedom in Europe against the tyranny of Nazi Germany and her Axis allies have never forgotten that fateful day; With smoking engines and badly damaged by enemy fighters and flak, they were forced to ditch their aircraft in these warm shallow seas to await rescue.

This once mighty warbird now rests silently in its watery grave, a tranquil underwater world so alien to the one that it was created to fight in.

Each print has been individually numbered and signed by the artist, Randall Scott.


Accompanying the artist, each multi-signed print has been autographed by two veterans who flew B-17s with the Eighth Air Force over Europe in WWII.

First Lieutenant KEN SHARPE – Pilot with the with 388th Bomb Group
First Lieutenant CHARLES “NORM” STEVENS – Bombardier with the 351st Bomb Group

Randall Scott is an internationally acclaimed artist and a highly accomplished diver, specializing in the painting of underwater aircraft wrecks. His thought-provoking painting is without doubt an extraordinary and moving tribute to those brave young bomber crews of the USAAF.

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