The USAAF arrived in England in 1942 to join the RAF with one aim: The destruction of Nazi Germany. Under the guidance of such leaders as Ira Eaker and Jimmy Doolittle, the 8th Air Force in Europe formed the greatest air armada in history.

They overcame the worst odds, flew in atrocious weather, ran the gauntlet of the Luftwaffe’s Aces and pressed on through the most horrendous flak. They paid the heavy price of war but never wavered in their determination and faith in their tactics, or flinched from the frightening difficulties they faced.

By mid-1944, the unit could send more than 2,000 four-engine bombers and 1,000 fighters on a single mission, and by 1945 had taken command of the skies above occupied Europe. For this reason, the 8th Air Force became known as the “Mighty Eighth”.

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