Released as part of the highly collectible Trilogy to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain.
The trilogy also includes Glorious Summer and Assault on the Capital.
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500Aces Edition $395.00 Signed by six Battle of Britain Spitfire Aces
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One SetBattle of Britain Trilogy $995.00 With three prints and seventeen signatures
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250Millennium Proof $1,095.00 With twenty seven signatures and companion print
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One SetBattle of Britain Millenium Trilogy $2,895.00 Including Fight for the Sky, Glorious Summer and Assault on the Capital plus three companion prints. Sixty Five signatures in total
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Robert Taylor’s wonderfully realistic painting captures the very essence of an epic day during the Battle of Britain. A Heinkel III has been brought down, one of many never to make it home on this bright and sunny day. As the Luftwaffe bomber’s crew emerge from their broken aircraft, relieved to have survived the crash-landing, a Mk I Spitfire from No 66 Squadron roars low overhead to verify another victory.


Each print is individually numbered and personally signed by the artist and SIX Aces who flew Spitfires in the Battle of Britain:

Wing Commander PADDY BARTHROPP DFC AFC – 602 Sqn / 5 victories
Squadron Leader BEN BENNIONS DFC – 41 Sqn / 12 victories
Group Captain JOHN BISDEE OBE DFC – 609 Sqn / 8 victories and 2 shared
Wing Commander BOB DOE DSO DFC* – 234 and 238 Sqn / 14 victories
Wing Commander GEORGE “GRUMPY” UNWIN DSO DFM* – 19 Sqn / 14 victories
Group Captain ALAN WRIGHT DFC AFC – 92 Sqn / 14 victories


One of the most outstanding Portfolios ever published, each print is additionally signed by nineteen Battle of Britain Spitfire pilots and is issued with the companion print  ‘Defiant To The Last‘ which is signed by two Defiant aircrew, making a total of TWENTY SEVEN Battle of Britain signatures!:

Squadron Leader CYRIL “BAM” BAMBERGER DFC – 610 Sqn / 4 victories
Flying Officer FREDERICK BARKER DFM* – Gunner 264 Sqn (on companion) / 13 victories
Squadron Leader ROBERT BEARDSLEY DFC – 610 Sqn / 3 victories
Wing Commander JOHN FREEBORN DFC* – 74 Sqn / 17 victories
Squadron Leader HERBERT GREEN MBE – 141 Sqn
Squadron Leader NORMAN HANCOCK DFC – 65 Sqn
Wing Commander MICHAEL HERON – 266 and 66 Sqn
Flying Officer CLIVE HILKEN – 74 Sqn
Squadron Leader TONY IVESON DFC AE – 616 Sqn
Air Vice Marshal SANDY” JOHNSTONE CB DFC AE DL – 602 Sqn / 7 victories and 2 shared
Wing Commander TERENCE KANE 234 Sqn / 2 victories 
Air Commodore ‘MICKEY’ MOUNT CBE DSO DFC – 602 Sqn / 3 victories
Wing Commander PETER OLVER DFC – 603 Sqn / 6 victories
Air Commodore DAVID ROBERTS CBE AFC – 609 and 238 Sqn
Squadron Leader STUART ROSE – 602 Sqn / 3 victories
Group Captain DESMOND SHEEN DFC*- 72 Sqn / 4 victories
Wing Commander HARBOURNE STEPHEN CBE DSO DFC* – 74 Sqn / 22 ½ victories
Wing Commander TIM VIGORS DFC – 222nd Sqn / 6 victories
Air Commodore PAUL WEBB CBE DFC AE – 602 Sqn / 3 victories and 3 shared
Squadron Leader GEOFFREY WELLUM DFC – 92, 65 Sqn / 2 victories and 1 shared
Air Commodore SIR ARCHIE WINSKILL KCVO CBE DFC* – 603 Sqn / 4 victories and 2 shared


The Millennium Proof Remarques also include the signature of:

Squadron Leader “BUCK” CASSON DFC, AFC, AE* – 615 Sqn / 5 victories


We currently have available a matching numbered portfolio of all three of the prints in the Battle of Britain Trilogy – Fight for the Sky, Glorious Summer and Assault on the Capital, in both the Aces Editions and Millennium Proof Editions. This is a rare opportunity to acquire the full trilogy of these sought after pieces including a staggering number of Battle of Britain signatures representing both sides of the battle.

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