Mick Martin’s Lancaster pulls away from the Möhne Dam as his 9,250lb bomb explodes behind him  sending a huge plume of water into the air. Guy Gibson, having already made his run, flies to Martins’ left, lights on full drawing gun fire from the towers. Below them the power station, hit by John Hopgood’s bomb on the previous run is still engulfed in flames.
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Flying at altitudes as low as fifty feet and observing strict radio silence, the crews taking part in the Dambuster Raids faced heavy flak and ground fire as they crossed Holland to Germany. On the run into the target, using their height finding spotlights, they would have to fly in complete darkness at precisely 60 feet before their lethal cargo – the ingenious ‘Bouncing Bomb’ – could be released.

Coulson used his undeniable skills to create this powerful image depicting the attack on the Möhne Dam on the night of 16/17 May 1943. The edition was released in 2004 to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of this legendary mission and has become on of the most famous pieces in Coulson’s extensive portfolio.


Each print has been hand-signed by the artist along with five Dambuster Aircrew:

Flt Lt GEORGE CHALMERS DFC DFM – Wireless Operator on Lancaster AJ-O, they attacked the Ennepe Dam
Sgt RAY GRAYSTON RAF – Flight Engineer of Les Knight’s Lancaster AJ-N, they attacked and successfully breached the Eder Dam
Sqn Ldr GEORGE JOHNSON MBE DFM – Bomb Aimer on Joe McCarthy’s Lancaster AJ-T, they scored a direct hit on the Sorpe Dam
Flt Lt EDWARD JOHNSON DFC – Bomb Aimer on Lancaster AJ-N which breached the Eder


Each print in these nine signature editions is additionally signed by the following Dambusters:

Sqn Ldr KEN BROWN CGM – Pilot of Lancaster AJ-F, he attacked the Sorpe Dam
Fg Off DAVE RODGER DFC–Rear Gunner in the Lancaster of Joe McCarthy, AJ-T, that attacked the Sorpe Dam
Flt Sgt GRANT MCDONALD RCAF – Rear Gunner on Lancaster AJ-F flown by Ken Brown, that attacked the Sorpe Dam
Sqn Ldr LES MUNRO CNZM DSO QSO DFC – Pilot of Lancaster AJ-W assigned to attack the Sorpe Dam
Sgt FRED SUTHERLAND RCAF – Front Gunner on Les Knight’s Lancaster AJ-N that successfully breached the Eder Dam

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Overall Print Size

34 x 25 inches

Release Date

January 2004


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