Released as part of the highly collectible Trilogy to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain this powerful edition is autographed by legendary Luftwaffe Aces.
The trilogy set includes Fight for the Sky and Glorious Summer , plus their companion prints 
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500Aces Edition $395.00 With five signatures
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One SetBattle of Britain Trilogy $995.00 With three prints and seventeen signatures
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250Millennium Proof $1,095.00 With eighteen signatures including companion print
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One SetBattle of Britain Millenium Trilogy $2,895.00 Including Fight for the Sky, Glorious Summer and Assault on the Capital plus three companion prints, matching numbers. Sixty Five signatures in total


Robert Taylor’s final painting in his 60th Anniversary trilogy features a scene from the attacks on the afternoon of September 7, 1940.

Led by Herbert Ihlefeld, Me109E’s of II/JG2 dive through the bomber formation giving chase to Hurricanes of 242 Squadron as Ju88s of KG30, having unloaded their bombs, head for home. One Ju88 has been hit and is already losing height, and will not return. Following behind He111s of KG53 try to keep formation as they fly through flak. The sky is alive with action.


A majestic painting by the world’s foremost aviation artist, depicting a moment from the defining day in the most significant air battle ever fought. Each print is signed by five renowned Luftwaffe fighter Aces who fought in the Battle of Britain:

Oberst ADOLF DICKFELD Knights Cross with Oak Leaves – JG52 / 136 victories
Major ERICH RUDORFFER Knights Cross with Oak Leaves & Swords – JG2 / 222 victories
Generalleutnant GÜNTHER RALL Knights Cross with Oak Leaves & Swords – JG52 / 275 victories
Major HEINZ LANGE Knights Cross – JG54 / 70 victories
Oberstleutnant ERNST-WILHELM REINERT Knights Cross with Oak Leaves & Swords – JG77 / 174 victories


Each Millennium Proof is issued with a pencil companion print “Battle Over Dover“.  The Edition is signed by a total of fifteen Battle of Britain Luftwaffe Aces, and two additional holders of the Knight’s Cross:

Oberleutnant SIEGFRIED BETHKE – JG2 / 14 victories
Major HANS-EKKEHARD BOB Knights Cross – JG54 / 59 victories
Hauptmann ALFRED GRISLAWSKI Knights Cross with Oak Leaves – JG52 / 133 victories
Oberleutnant HELMUT BENNEMANN Knights Cross –  JG52 / 92 victories
Unteroffizier RUDOLF MIESE Iron Cross – JG2
Oberst EDUARD NEUMANN German Cross in Gold – JG27
Leutnant EDMUND “PAULE” ROSSMANN Knights Cross – JG52 / 93 victories
Oberleutnant GÜNTHER SEEGER Knights Cross – JG2 / 56 victories
Oberleutnant HERBERT THOMAS Iron Cross I and II – NJ62 / 7 victories
General HERBERT WEHNELT Iron Cross – JG51 / 36 victories
Leutnant HERBERT KAISER Knights Cross – JG77 / 68 victories
Hauptmann RUDOLF TRENKEL Knights Cross – JG52 / 138 victories


We currently have available a matching numbered portfolio of all three of the prints in the Battle of Britain Trilogy – Assault on the Capital, Fight for the Sky and Glorious Summer, in the Aces Editions and Millennium Proof Editions. This is a rare opportunity to acquire the full trilogy of these sought after pieces including a staggering number of Battle of Britain signatures representing the Luftwaffe and RAF.

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Overall Print Size

33 x 25 inches

Release Date

February 2000


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