A stunning piece featuring Hurricanes of 56 Sqn during the Battle of Britain
Released as part of the highly collectible Trilogy to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain which includes Fight for the Sky and Assault on the Capital
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500Aces Edition $395.00 Signed by six Battle of Britain Hurricane Aces
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One SetBattle of Britain Trilogy $995.00 With three prints and seventeen signatures
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50Artist Proof Signed by six Battle of Britain Hurricane Aces
250Millennium Proof $1,095.00 Signed by twenty one Battle of Britain Hurricane Pilots with companion print
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One SetBattle of Britain Millenium Trilogy $2,895.00 Including Fight for the Sky, Glorious Summer and Assault on the Capital plus three companion prints. Sixty Five signatures in total
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Throughout the long hot summer of 1940 the destiny of the British Isles, indeed the future of Europe, laid in the hands of a small band of young RAF fighter pilots. Against them stood the vast aerial fleets of an all powerful Luftwaffe, gloating and confident from its victories in Poland, France and the Low Countries. Lying in wait across the Channel, anticipating an easy victory by its air force, were the armies of the most powerful tyrant the world had ever known.

With Europe already succumbed to Nazi rule, Britain was alone, the last bastion among free nations to stand against an evil empire bent upon world domination. The battle, the first ever to be fought entirely in the air, would change the course of history, whatever the outcome.

Outnumbered more than five to one at the outset, the odds were so heavily stacked against the RAF, the task looked almost hopeless. But as the ferocious aerial battles continued through the long summer months, the tactical skills, devotion and raw courage of the RAF’s young flyers, gradually turned the tide. By September end, the battle was won and the defeated Luftwaffe retired to its’ plundered territories to lick its wounds.

Robert Taylor’s magnificent study of the legendary Hawker Hurricane captures wonderfully the spirit of that cataclysmic aerial conflict fought so long ago. Nearest, young Pilot Officer Geoffrey Page, later to become one of the RAF’s most highly decorated fighter aces, powers his Mk I Hawker Hurricane over the country lane at the edge of the airfield, as he and his fellow No 56 Squadron pilots make their third scramble of the day.

Glorious Summer, the second edition in Robert Taylor’s acclaimed and popular Battle of Britain Trilogy, comprises just 500 copies world-wide, each signed by six Battle of Britain Hawker Hurricane pilots, and is published with an exclusive issue of just 250 Millennium Proofs, each signed by famous fighter pilots who fought in the historic Battle of Britain. As the world’s premier aviation artist pays tribute to Churchill’s gallant “Few”, collectors will recognize the importance and value of adding the: fine portrayal of the Hurricane to their collections.


Each print in this edition has been personally signed by the following Battle of Britain Hurricane pilots:

Air Commodore PETER BROTHERS CBE DSO DFC* – 32 Sqn / Battle of Britain Flight Commander / 16 victories
Wing Commander “BUNNY” CURRANT DSO DFC* – 605 Sqn / 12 ½ victories
Group Captain DENNIS DAVID CBE DFC* AFC – 87 Sqn / 16 victories plus 5 uncomfirmed
Group Captain BILLY DRAKE DSO DFC* – 1 Sqn and 421 Flt / 24 ½ victories
Wing Commander PAUL FARNES DFM – 501 Sqn / 8 victories plus 1 possible
Wing Commander GORDON SINCLAIR OBE DFC – 310 Sqn / 10 victories


One of the most outstanding Portfolios ever published, each print is additionally signed by thirteen Battle of Britain Hurricane pilots and is issued with the companion print  ‘Hunters of the Night‘ which is signed by two Battle of Britain Night-Fighter Aces, making a total of TWENTY ONE signatures!:

Air Vice-Marshal EDWARD CREW CB DSO* DFC* – 604 Sqn / 12 ½ victories (signed companion)
Group Captain JOHN “CATS-EYES” CUNNINGHAM CBE DSO** DFC* AE FRAES – 604 Sqn / 20 victories (signed companion)
Air Commodore CYRIL BROWN CBE AFC AE – 245 Sqn
Air Commodore JOHN ELLACOMBE CB DFC* – 604 Sqn
Wing Commander BOB FOSTER DFC – 605 Sqn / 9 victories
Warrant Officer PETER FOX – 56 Sqn
Flight Lieutenant PETER HAIRS MBE – 501 Sqn
Squadron Leader PERCY MORFILL DFM – 501 Sqn / 6 victories and 1 shared
Group Captain ALAN MURRAY DFC – 46, 501 and 73 Sqn
Wing Commander TOM NEIL DFC* AFC AE – 249 Sqn / 14 victories
Squadron Leader ARTHUR “BILL” POND AFC – 601 Sqn
Squadron Leader CHRISTOPHER RIDDLE – 601 Sqn / 2 shared victories
Wing Commander PETER PARROT DFC* AFC – 145 and 605 Sqn / 9 victories
Group Captain JOHN PEEL DSO DFC – 145 Sqn / 5 victories
Group Captain “TOMMY” THOMPSON DFC – 85 and 249 Sqn / 10 victories


Each Remarque includes an exclusive and unique original drawing by Robert Taylor on the border of the print.  Each Remarque is additionally signed by:

Squadron Leader GEOFFREY PAGE DSO OBE DFC* – 56 Sqn / 12 ½ victories


We currently have available a matching numbered portfolio of all three prints in the Battle of Britain Trilogy – Glorious Summer, Fight for the Sky and Assault on the Capital, in both the Aces Editions and Millennium Proof Editions. This is a rare opportunity to acquire the full trilogy of these sought after pieces including a staggering number of Battle of Britain signatures representing the Luftwaffe and RAF.

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