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400 Limited Edition Signed by two B-17 pilots $145.00
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25 Artist Proof Signed by two B-17 pilots $245.00
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25 Remarques Signed by two B-17 pilots -
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As the late summer sun starts to set over the peaceful English countryside, the relieved, but weary, crew of ’Ol Gappy’ of the 379th Bomb Group, nurse their battle scarred B-17G back to their base at Kimbolton. Close behind them, the remainder of the group, relieved to see familiar territory, make their final approaches after a grueling mission to Meresburg on 11 September 1944. The 379th Bomb Group flew more sorties than any other Bomb Group in the entire US Eighth Air Force, and the B-17, ’Ol Gappy’, survived to fly a total of 157 missions during the war, probably more than any other B-17 in the Mighty Eighth.

Released as a pair with CLASH OF EAGLES as part of The Mighty Eighth Portfolio, this compelling piece is available both individually or as part of a pair.


Every print in all of the editions has been hand numbered and personally signed by the artists as well as two highly respected B-17 pilots who flew with the 8th Air Force in Europe:

Lieutenant Colonel ROBERT GOSSMAN
Flight Lietenant LEONARD L. SPIVEY

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Overall Print Size

26 ½ x 19 ½ inches

Release Date

March 2009


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