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1250Limited Edition $185.00 Signed by a complete B-17 crew and two crew chiefs.
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20Artist Proof $275.00 Signed by a complete B-17 crew and two crew chiefs.
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B-17-F “Wild Children” returns to Framlingham following another dangerous mission deep into the heart of Germany. Having survived this trip in one piece and with no casualties, her crew is looking forward to one last landing before being shipped back to the United States.


Each print has been signed by the artist as well as the full crew of B-17 Wild Children and two of her crew chiefs:

Major General JOHN S. WARNER (Pilot)
Colonel ROGER STERR (Co-Pilot)
Captain JIM KEELAN (Navigator)
Lieutenant Colonel ORRIE THOMPSON (Bombardier)
Technical Sergeant ANDREW ANZANOS (Engineer/Top Gunner)
Technical Sergeant DICK SAWYER (LT Waist Gunner)
Technical Sergeant JIM LIGHTFOOT (Tail Gunner)
Technical Sergeant BILL FROSTICK (Engineer/Waist Gunner)
Master Sergeant WILBUR HILL (Flight Chief)
Staff Sergeant OTTO VENT (Radio Operator)
Lieutenant Colonel PAUL KOVITZ (Squadron Engineering Officer)
Staff Sergeant WALTER BYRNE (Ball Turret Gunner)

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Overall Print Size

29 ½ x 22 inches


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