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Bound for Tokyo, Lieutenant Colonel Jimmy Doolittle launches his B-25 Mitchell from the heaving deck of the carrier USS Hornet on the morning of 18 April, 1942.

Leading a sixteen-bomber force on their long distance one – way mission, the Doolittle Raiders completed the first strike at the heart of Imperial Japan since the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor four months earlier. Together, they completed one of the most audacious air raids in aviation history.

In one of his most dramatic paintings Robert Taylor pays tribute to the men that bravely carried out this iconic mission and the prints are autographed by a staggering number of the legendary Doolittle Raiders:


Joining artist Robert Taylor, each print has been personally signed by FIVE Doolittle Raiders:

Staff Sergeant DAVID J. THATCHER Flight Engineer/Gunner, Crew #7 – Target Tokyo
Major General DAVID M. JONES Pilot, Crew #5 – Target Tokyo
Lieutenant Colonel RICHARD E. COLEJimmy Doolittle’s Co-Pilot, Crew #1 – Target Tokyo
Staff Sergeant EDWIN W. HORTON – Flight Engineer/Gunner, Crew #10 – Target Tokyo
Major THOMAS C. GRIFFIN – Navigator / Bombardier, Crew #9 -Target Tokyo


Each print in this edition is accompanied by an exclusive pencil companion print The Day Now Dawns. The two are signed by a total of TWELVE Doolittle Raiders:

– The Main Print –

Lieutenant Colonel FRANK A. KAPPELARNavigator, Crew #11 – Target Nagoya
Second Lieutenant WILLIAM L. BIRCHBombardier, Crew #11 – Target Nagoya
Mr. TUNG-SHENG LIUAt age 24 he helped rescue a crew who had crash-landed near the Chinese coast, risking his life to lead them through Japanese-occupied areas to safety. After the war he was officially named an honorary Doolittle Raider.

– The Companion Print –

Colonel WILLIAM M. BOWERPilot, Crew #12 – Target Yokohama
Lieutenant Colonel ROBERT L. HITECo-Pilot, Crew #16 – Target Nagoya
Second Lieutenant CHARLES J. OZUKNavigator, Crew #3 -Target Tokyo
Master Sergeant EDWARD J. SAYLORFlight Engineer /Gunner, Crew #15 – Target Kobe
Lieutenant Colonel CHASE J. NIELSONNavigator / Bombardier, Crew #6 – Target Tokyo (Due to ill health Lt Col Nielson was unable to physically sign the prints, so in order for him to be part of the edition he applied a stamp of his signature to every companion print.)

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Overall Print Size

31 x 23 ½ inches

Release Date

September 2006


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