I Could Never Be So Lucky Again by William Phillips – TEN Signature Framed Collector’s Piece

A rare and highly sought after piece, including the original autographs by some of the most legendary aviators in history
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Framed Collectors Piece Framed with Ten Doolittle Raider signatures


18 April 1942 – despite poor weather and heavy seas, Lt Colonel James H. “Jimmy” Doolittle leads his sixteen B-25 “Raiders” off the heaving deck of USS Hornet and onto the first Allied bombing raid against mainland Japan. Carried out just a few months after Japan’s unprovoked attack on Pearl Harbor, the Doolittle Raiders not only demonstrated America’s ability to strike back, but also boosted the nation’s morale during one of its darkest hours.

One of the greatest heroes of World War II was also one of the most colorful and famous. James H. “Jimmy” Doolittle set many speed records and engaged in aerial acrobatics at countless air shows. He was also a test pilot and the first man ever to fly completely blind – using only cockpit instruments – from take-off to landing. He was once quoted as saying, “I would never want to relive my life; I could never be so lucky again.”

“I thought this was a fitting title. I had dinner with the General. We discussed the pioneer days of aviation and air racing all evening and it was just delightful. It was one of the bright spots of my entire life. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to interview one of aviation’s greats.”
                                                                                                                                        William Phillips

The Doolittle raid on Tokyo has rightfully entered the history books as one of the most daring and courageous operations of the Second World War.


Published in 1992 the print is individually numbered and personally signed by the artist the great man himself:

General JAMES “JIMMY” DOOLITTLE (Medal of Honor) Pilot, Crew #1 – Target Tokyo

This piece is conservation framed to include the original autographs of Nine more Doolittle Raiders:

Lieutenant Colonel RICHARD COLE – Jimmy Doolittle’s Co-Pilot, Crew #1 – Target Tokyo
Staff Sergeant DAVID THATCHER – Flight Engineer/Gunner, Crew #7 – Target Tokyo
Master Sergeant EDWIN HORTON Jr – Flight Engineer/Gunner, Crew #10 – Target Tokyo
Brigadier General EVERETT W. HOLSTROM – Pilot, Crew #4 – Target Tokyo
Lieutenant Colonel HARRY C MCCOOL – Navigator, Crew #4 – Target Tokyo
Captain J. ROYDEN STORK – Co-Pilot, Crew #10 – Target Tokyo
Colonel HOWARD SESSLER Navigator/Bombardier, Crew #15 – Target Nagoya
Major GRIFFITH P. WILLIAMS Co-Pilot, Crew #15 – Target Nagoya
Colonel HENRY A. POTTER Jimmy Doolittle’s Navigator, Crew #1 – Target Tokyo

This classic print has been sold out for many years and rarely becomes available. With these outstanding signatures it is the perfect piece for Doolittle Raid enthusiasts and autograph collectors.

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