A classic and highly collectible secondary market piece featuring the P-51 Mustang
A Special Multi-signed Collector’s copy is also available
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1250Limited Edition $895.00 Signed by six Mustang Aces
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125Artist Proof $995.00 With six signatures
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50Publishers Proof $1,195.00 With six signatures and companion print
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It’s winter 1944 and the snow has brought a special quiet to the countryside in the late evening twilight. The war seems a world away until the ear-shattering roar of Merlin engines re-focuses the mind on the realities of war-torn Europe. As dusk gathers and just feet above the gently waving reeds, P-51 Mustangs rush for home bearing the scars of the day’s battle; soon the tensions of aerial combat will be forgotten for a few hours, melting into an evening of camaraderie. Tomorrow will be another day.

Robert Taylor’s classic Masterwork depicts this life of extremes lived to the full by a special breed of men who flew this iconic fighter as the Allies pushed for victory in Europe during WWII. Tough, supremely confident, cavalier, determined, and gloriously brave; it was an era that belonged to them and an era that is more appreciated by the spell-binding artistry of the world’s leading military and aviation artist.


Each print has been personally signed by the artist along with six famous P-51 Mustang Aces:

Colonel CLARENCE E “BUD” ANDERSON – 357th Fighter Group / 16 ¼ victories
Captain JAMES L. BROOKS – 31st Fighter Group / 13 victories
Lieutenant Colonel BOB GOEBEL – 31st Fighter Group / 11 victories
Colonel HERSCHEL “HERKY” GREEN DSC, DFC 325th Fighter Group / 18 victories
Colonel WALKER “BUD” MAHURIN – 56th Fighter Group (Wolfpack) P-47s and P-51s / 24 ¼ victories
Colonel JAMES GOODSON – 4th & 31st Fighter Groups / 15 victories


Each print in this edition is issued with the companion print MUSTANGS OVER BREMEN.

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