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A unique and highly sought after EIGHTEEN signature framed collector’s piece
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1Multi-signed Collectors Piece $2,295.00 Signed by EIGHTEEN WWII Mustang Pilots - Framed
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It’s winter 1944 and the snow has brought a special quiet to the countryside in the late evening twilight. The war seems a world away until the ear-shattering roar of Merlin engines re-focuses the mind on the realities of war-torn Europe. As dusk gathers and just feet above the gently waving reeds, P-51 Mustangs rush for home bearing the scars of the day’s battle; soon the tensions of aerial combat will be forgotten for a few hours, melting into an evening of camaraderie. Tomorrow will be another day.

Robert Taylor’s classic Masterwork depicts this life of extremes lived to the full by a special breed of men who flew this iconic fighter as the Allies pushed for victory in Europe during WWII. Tough, supremely confident, cavalier, determined, and gloriously brave; it was an era that belonged to them and an era that is more appreciated by the spell-binding artistry of the world’s leading military and aviation artist.


Published in 1992, this stunning print was initially signed by six distinguished P-51 Mustang Aces.  This one exclusive copy was kept aside and over a number of years additionally autographed by US Pilots who flew the Mustang in combat. It is now personally autographed by an impressive EIGHTEEN Mustang Pilots, who scored more than 190 victories between them:

Colonel CLARENCE E “BUD” ANDERSON – 357th Fighter Group / 16 ¼ victories
Captain JAMES L. BROOKS – 31st Fighter Group / 13 victories
Lieutenant Colonel BOB GOEBEL – 31st Fighter Group / 11 victories
Colonel HERSCHEL “HERKY” GREEN DSC, DFC 325th Fighter Group / 18 victories
Colonel WALKER “BUD” MAHURIN – 56th Fighter Group (Wolfpack) P-47s and P-51s / 24 ¼ victories
Colonel JAMES GOODSON – 4th & 31st Fighter Groups / 15 victories
Lieutenant Colonel ROBERT A. KARR – 52nd Fighter Group / 6 victories
Lieutenant Colonel CLYDE EAST – 10th Photo Recon Group / 14 ½ victories
Major JOHN A KIRLA – 357th Fighter Group / 11 ½ victories
Major BILL ALLEN – 55th Fighter Group / 5 victories
Brigadier General ROBIN OLDS – 479th FG P-38 & Mustang Ace / 17 victories (including 4 in Vietnam)
Captain ROBERT P WINKS – 357th Fighter Group / 5 ½ victories
Lieutenant Colonel LAWRENCE POWELL – 339th Fighter Group / 5 victories
First Lieutenant DALE E. KARGER – 357th Fighter Group / 7 ½ victories, third youngest American Ace
Colonel STEVE N. PISANOS – 4th Fighter Group / 10 victories
Major ROBERT M BARKEY – 325th Fighter Group / 5 victories
First Lieutenant ROBERT H WEHRMAN DFC – 4th Fighter Group / Wounded in February 1944 but returned to earn the DFC
Major URBAN “BEN” DREW – 361st Fighter Group / 6 victories, including 2 Me262s in a single mission

Only ONE copy of this pint was additionally signed and it has been conservation framed by our expert team to create a stunning collector’s item.

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