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350Limited Edition $195.00 Signed by four Eastern Front Luftwaffe Pilots
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25Artist Proof $295.00 Signed by four Eastern Front Luftwaffe Pilots
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100Hartmann Tribute Edition $425.00 With five Luftwaffe signatures including Erich Hartmann
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Though undoubtedly one of the Luftwaffe’s great fighter leaders, Günther Lützow is probably best remembered for confronting Hermann Goering at the famous “Wing Commanders Conference” held in Berlin in January 1945.

Called to Goering’s meeting of high ranking fighter staff to air their grievances, the fearless Lützow didn’t hesitate to lay these on the line. Adolf Galland had been dismissed as General of the Fighter Arm for his outspoken criticism of the Luftwaffe High Command and Lützow opened with a valiant attempt to have him reinstated, at the same time forcefully raising the matter of Goering’s abuse and stated mistrust of his fighter pilots. Goering exploded and stormed out of the meeting threatening to have everyone attending either shot or court-marshalled. The gallant Lützow was saved by his record and reputation, but was relieved from his command and banished to Italy.

In Coulson’s superb scene  the roar of Daimler-Benz engines at full power awaken the day. Günther Lützow, his aircraft still in the markings of his previous unit JG51, leads his Me109F’s of JG3 into combat from a snow covered airfield at Schatalowka on the Russian Front, in December 1941.


Joining artist Gerald Coulson, every print of MORNING CHORUS is authenticated with the signatures of FOUR highly respected Me109 fighter pilots who flew in combat on the Eastern Front. None of them had ever previously signed for the Military Gallery.

Feldwebel JOHANNES BACHMANN – 5 victories
Fähnrich MANFRED LEISEBEIN 5 victories
Fähnrich KLAUS VOLLGOLD – 3 victories
Unteroffizier OTFRIED SAHL


Each print is also accompanied by a matching numbered companion print, which is matted to full conservation standards and includes the original pencil signature of the highest scoring fighter ace in history for a total of five signatures.

Oberst ERICH HARTMANN Knights Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords & Diamonds – 352 victories

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Overall Print Size

39 x 23 ½ inches

Release Date

February 2005


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