A classic piece depicting a typical dogfight between RAF and Luftwaffe fighters during the Battle of Britain.
Personally signed by iconic Luftwaffe and RAF Battle of Britain Aces
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195Limited Edition $295.00 Signed by four Luftwaffe and RAF Battle of Britain Fighter Aces
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The Battle of Britain was a monumental event in British history and a major turning point of WWII. During the summer months of 1940 the RAF and Luftwaffe fought what was to become the most crucial and decisive aerial conflict in history. Never before or since has air combat been so intensive over such a period of time.

This superb edition by Gerald captures the feeling of intense speed at a moment of heavy combat during September 1940. A Spitfire and an Bf109 are locked in close combat chasing each other down to just a few hundred feet, both at full throttle. A downed Heinkel He111 lies in the corn field below whilst high above them the vapor trails of combat weave through the summer sky as the battle rages on.


Each Limited Edition print has been hand-signed by the artist, individually numbered, and also signed by the following RAF and Luftwaffe Battle of Britain Fighter Aces:

Wing Commander GEORGE “GRUMPY” UNWIN DSO DFM* – 14 victories
Generalleutnant GÜNTHER RALL Knights Cross with Oak Leaves & Swords – 275 victories
Group Captain JOHN PEEL DSO DFC – 5 victories (credited with firing the first shots of the Battle of Britain)
Major HANS-EKKEHARD BOB Knights Cross – 60 victories

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Overall Print Size

25 x 18 inches

Release Date

January 2004


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