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500Four Signature Limited Edition $1,395.00 With four historic autographs
50Four Signature Artist Proof With ten historic autographs
350Ten signature Limited Edition
35Ten signature Artist Proof
50Giclee Studio Proofs $795.00 24" x 38" Proof on Canvas


On Sunday September 2, 1945, the formal surrender document was signed aboard the U.S.S. Missouri in Tokyo Bay.  At 9.25 a.m., with General Douglas MacArthur, Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz, and Admirals Halsey and Sherman presiding, the Instrument of Surrender was completed with the affixing of signatures.  The Second World War was at last over.  Right on cue, as if staged by Hollywood, shafts of brilliant sunlight broke through the morning mist floodlighting the historic scene, and a mighty rumble began to fill the air.  A great Armada of American aircraft swept across Tokyo Bay as Corsairs, Hellcats, Avengers, Helldivers, Mustangs, Thunderbolts and Superfortresses, heralded in the peace.

Robert Taylor’s classic painting, VICTORY FLYOVER, captures that historic moment for posterity and the highly restricted edition of just 850 prints, each carrying unique and historic signatures, will be prized by collectors for generations to come.


The print is personally autographed by veterans who played a significant and historic role during the War in the Pacific

Lieutenant JOHN BREMYER – personally transported the actual surrender document from Washington D.C and witnessed the document signing before retuning it to the Capitol
Commander HAL LAMAR – the Flag Lieutenant to Admiral Nimitz, he was a witness to the signing aboard the U.S.S Missouri
Rear Admiral C. W. NIMITZ, Jr. – Son of Fleet Admiral C.W Nimitz and himself a decorated WWII sub-mariner
Colonel KEN WALSH Medal of Honor – Legendary USMC Fighter Ace with 21 victories.


350 prints have been specially signed by six additional veterans:

Colonel JEFFERSON J. DE BLANC USMC Medal of Honor
Brigadier General ROBERT E. GALER USMC Medal of Honor
Lieutenant TOM GUY
Colonel JIM SWETT USMC Medal of Honor

This historically important collector’s item is seldom available these days

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