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400Limited Edition $275.00 Signed by three USAAF Aces
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250Aces Edition $345.00 Signed by five USAAF Aces
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25Artist Proof $425.00 Signed by five USAAF Aces
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100Generals Portfolio Edition $535.00 Two print set signed by Eight USAAF and Luftwaffe Aces
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Every day when weather permitted, the bomber crews of the USAAF Eighth Air Force flew missions deep into Germany and other destinations under the rule of Nazi Germany. And every day they knew the enemy fighters were waiting for them. Only the fighter escorts stood between the bombers and potential decimation.

Big Brothers and Little Friends – this was the enduring bond between the bomber crews and fighter pilots of the USAAF Eighth Air Force in their prolonged and hotly contested air war against Hitler’s Nazi Germany, 1942-1945.

Renowned Aviation Artist Gerald Coulson has reconstructed the deadly war game being played out in the icy, thin stratosphere high above a hostile territory, February 1944.


The entire edition is signed by THREE highly regarded P-51 fighter Aces:

Colonel CLARENCE E “BUD” ANDERSON  357th Fighter Group/ 16 ¼ victories
Lieutenant Colonel ROBERT A. KARR – 52nd Fighter Group / 6 victories
Lieutenant Colonel CLYDE B. EAST – 10th Photo Recon Group / 14 ½ victories


Every print in the Aces Edition is signed by two additional top P-51 fighter Aces:

Captain JAMES L. BROOKS – 31st Fighter Group/ 13 victories
Lieutenant Colonel BOB GOEBEL – 31st Fighter Group / 11 victories


An exclusive edition of just 100 prints authenticated by two of the Luftwaffe’s top Aces. Published with a unique matching-numbered color companion print “RETURN TO FOWLMERE” (signed by Brigadier General Robin Olds) featuring a P-51D of the 339th Fighter Group returning to base after escorting a long daylight raid by B-17s over Germany, signed by:

Brigadier General ROBIN OLDS – 479th Fighter Group / 17 victories
Generalleutnant GÜNTHER RALL Knights Cross with Oak Leaves & Swords – 275 victories
Oberleutnant WALTER SCHUCK Knights Cross with Oak Leaves – 206 victories

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Overall Print Size

29 ½ x 24 ¼ inches

Release Date

February 2004


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