A powerful piece personally signed by EIGHT Doolittle Raiders
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600Limited Edition Multi-signed print signed by EIGHT Doolittle Raiders


Launching in a rough sea, Jimmy Doolittle’s B-25 leaves the heaving deck of the carrier USS Hornet, his mission to lead a small force of B-25 Mitchell bombers to bomb Tokyo.

On April 18, 1942, under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Jimmy Doolittle, a small force of B-25 Mitchell light bombers set forth on one of the most audacious air raids of World War II, to make a direct strike at the heart of Imperial Japan. Unlike any other mission the crews departed on their dangerous journey with the full knowledge that each was on a one-way ticket. Even if they achieved success, they would not have enough fuel to make the return journey and would have to head for China, bail out and rely on the resistance to get them home.

Every man was a volunteer. Each knew the dangers. Some paid with their lives. Joining the artist Nicolas Trudgian in signing this important edition are members of General “Jimmy” Doolittle’s famous aircrew who took part in the historic raid on Tokyo:


This copy is personally signed by EIGHT Doolittle Raiders, creating a highly sought after collector’s item:

Master Sergeant EDWIN HORTON Jr – Flight Engineer/Gunner, Crew #10 – Target Tokyo
Brigadier General EVERETT W. HOLSTROM – Pilot, Crew #4 – Target Tokyo
Lt. Colonel RICHARD COLE – Jimmy Doolittle’s Co-Pilot, Crew #1 – Target Tokyo
Colonel HOWARD SESSLER – Navigator/Bombardier, Crew #15 – Target Nagoya
Major THOMAS GRIFFIN – Navigator, Crew #9 -Target Tokyo
Major GRIFFITH P. WILLIAMS – Co-Pilot, Crew #15 – Target Nagoya
Captain J. ROYDEN STORK – Co-Pilot, Crew #10 – Target Tokyo
Lieutenant Colonel EDWARD J. SAYLOR – Flight Engineer /Gunner, Crew #15 – Target Kobe

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