A stunning tribute to the legendary Doolittle Raiders, personally signed by a staggering SIXTEEN veterans who took part in tis historic mission.
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The Doolittle Raiders take their B-25 bombers down to very low level and head for China after delivering their surprise attack on the industrial and military targets in and around Tokyo on April 18, 1942. The sixteen-ship mission, led by volunteer crews, successfully completed one of the most audacious air raids of World War II. Personally signed by Doolittle Raiders.


The edition is signed by FOURTEEN surviving Doolittle Raiders aircrew.

Lieutenant Colonel RICHARD E. COLE – Jimmy Doolittle’s Co-Pilot, Crew #1 – Target Tokyo
Staff Sergeant REV JACOB DESHAZER – Bombardier, Crew #16 – Target Nagoya
Major THOMAS C. GRIFFIN – Navigator / Bombardier, Crew #9 Target Tokyo
Major NOLAN A. HERNDON – Navigator / Bombardier, Crew #8 – Target Tokyo
Brigadier General EVERETT W. HOLSTROM
Major General DAVID M. JONES – Pilot, Crew #5 – Target Tokyo
Lieutenant Colonel FRANK A. KAPPELAR – Navigator, Crew #11 – Target Nagoya
Lieutenant Colonel JAMES H. MACIA – Navigator / Bombardier, Crew #14 – Target Nagoya
Lieutenant Colonel HARRY C MCCOOL
Lieutenant Colonel CHASE J. NIELSON – Navigator / Bombardier, Crew #6 – Target Tokyo
Captain J. ROYDEN STORK – Co-Pilot, Crew #10 – Target Tokyo
Colonel HENRY A. POTTER – Jimmy Doolittle’s Navigator, Crew #1 – Target Tokyo
Staff Sergeant DAVID J. THATCHER – Flight Engineer/Gunner, Crew #7 – Target Tokyo

Our copies have been additionally signed by two more Doolittle Raiders to create an exclusive sixteen signature collectors piece:

Staff Sergeant EDWIN HORTON – Flight Engineer/Gunner, Crew #10 – Target Tokyo
Master Sergeant EDWARD J. SAYLOR Flight Engineer /Gunner, Crew #15 – Target Kobe

This stunning print is seldom available on the secondary market these days and as all of the Raiders have now sadly passed into history, is impossible to replicate. It is an excellent opportunity for aviation art enthusiasts and autograph hunters alike to acquire a historic collectors item.

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