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OPENDisplay Edition $75.00 Artist signed print
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525Bronze Edition $175.00 Signed by 5-6 Reno Racing pilots
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325Silver Edition $250.00 Signed by 16-27 Reno Racing pilots
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300Gold Edition $350.00 Signed by 27-30 Reno Racing pilots
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10020" x 40" Canvas Giclee $735.00 Stretched Canvas
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10030" x 60" Canvas Giclée $1,195.00 Rolled canvas
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In 1964, the roar of high performance warbirds echoed over the high desert landscape at Stead Air Force Base in the very first Reno Air Race. Shown in this “heritage” scene is an assortment of Unlimited Class racers, representing the first 50 years of this exciting annual September event. Consisting of stock and modified warbirds and “purpose-built” propeller-driven aircraft, many speed records have been set and broken over the years, thrilling audiences who flock from locations all around the globe to witness the fastest piston show on Earth.

There is perhaps nothing that stirs the emotions more than seeing a pack of Unlimiteds heading for the home pylon. It is the fastest sport in the world and if speed is what you need, here it is at 50ft altitude with speeds clocking in excess of 500 m.p.h.

John Shaw’s magnificent masterpiece traces the great Unlimited racers of the past half century. From Pond Racer, Conquest 1, and Smirnoff, to the modern duels between Strega, Rare Bear, and Voodoo. These great war birds festooned in colorful paint jobs, were flown by equally colorful pilots that bought man and machine together in perfect harmony. It takes great courage and skills of precision to fly at such speeds in close proximity.

Aircraft shown in painting, from top to right, clockwise: Ol’ Yeller, Strega, Smirnoff Bearcat, Conquest I, Bardahl Miss, Rare Bear, Dago Red, Precious Metal, Czechmate, Miss America, Tsunami, Dreadnought, Critical Mass, September Fury, Super Corsair, Voodoo, White Lightnin’, Miss Van Nuys, Miss Merced, Miss Ashley, Red Baron, Ridge Runner, Pond Racer, Jeannie.


Each print in this unlimited edition has been personally signed by the artist, John Shaw.


Each print is signed by 5-6 Reno Racing pilots.


At least 16-26 signatures.


At least 27-30 signatures.


Each edition above bears a combination of the following signatures. In this list, the names appear in approximate chronological order according to the first Reno racing victories, where applicable, followed by the names of the most well-known aircraft with which each individual is associated.

CLAY LACY – 7 First Place, 1 Second place wins from 1965 – 1976 • Conquest I, Red Baron
DARRYL GREENAMYER – 1965 Second place Winner • Bardahl Special
CHUCK LYFORD – First Place, 5 Third place wins from 1964 – 1970 • Miss Van Nuys
DENNY SHERMAN – Winner 1964 Midget Class, • Stiletto (in ‘80s)
JACK SHAVER – 1965 Reno Air Races, P-51 • Miss Kat Brat
GUNTHER BALZ* – 1972 1st Place Winner • Roto Finish Special
STEVEN HINTON – 2 First Places, 1 Second place, 2 Third place wins, 1978-1988 • Red Baron, Super Corsair, Tsunami
SKIP HOLM – 5 First Places, 2 Second place, 1 Third place wins, 1981-2004 • Healer, Stiletto, Dago Red, Mr. Awesome, Critical Mass
RON HEVLE – 1 First Place, 1 Second place, 1981 – 1982 • Mangia Pane, Dago Red, Strega
TIGER DESTAFANI – 7 First Places, 1 Second place, 1 Third, • Mangia Pane, Strega
PEGGY DWELLE – One of only 24 female pilots to race at Reno, 1978 biplane class, part owner Stiletto
JOHN MALONEY – 1 Third place, 1989 • Spam Can, Super Corsair
SCOTT SHERMAN – Pilot P-51, 1988 • Stiletto
GLENN WEBB – Crew Chief, P-51 Stiletto 1988, plus other Merlin racers in ’80s
BRIAN HOFFNER – Asst. Crew Chief, P-51 Stiletto, 1988
DICK RUTAN* – Legendary aviator, best known for Voyager nonstop flight • Rutan Co. Scaled Composites’ Pond Racer, 1991-1993
BRIAN SANDERS – 4 Second Place wins, 1992 – 2005 • Dreadnought, Argonaut
DENNIS SANDERS – 3 Second Place, 2 Third place wins, 1993 -2014 • Race 924, Dreadnought, Argonaut
KEVIN ELDREDGE – Multiple races, 1990s, • Platinum Plus, Super Corsair
JOHN PENNEY – 4 First Places, 3 Second place wins, 1994 -2010 • Rare Bear
PETER BELAN – Rare Bear crew, 2003 – 2006
BRUCE LOCKWOOD – 2 First Place wins, 1998 – 1999 • Dago Red
TOM DWELLE – 1 Second Place, 1 Third place, 2000 – 2003 • Critical Mass
MATT JACKSON – 2 Second Place, 1 Third place, 2002-2013 • Dreadnought, Furias, Strega
SHERMAN SMOOT – 2 Second Place, 3 Third place, 2006 – 2014 • Czech Mate
THOM RICHARD – Unlimited, Formula 1 & Jet class pilot, 2000‘s • Precious Metal
ROB GORDON – Multiple races, 2007 P-51 • Lady Jo
ROB PATTERSON – Multiple races, 2008 P-51 • Lady Jo
STEVE HINTON JR. – 5 First place wins, 2009 – 2014 • Strega, Voodoo
KOREY WELLS – Multiple races, 2011 – present •Argonaut, Air Biscuit
JOEL SWAGER – Pilot, Sea Fury Dreadnought, P-51 Wee Willie

*These names appear on Gold Edition only


Using the most sophisticated digital Giclée technology, each Canvas Proof is printed directly on to fine canvas creating the look and feel of an original painting.

The Canvas Giclee Edition is available in three different sizes: 40″ x 20″, 48″ x 24″, and 60″ x 30″

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Overall Print Size

38 x 23 inches

Image Size

34 x 17 inches


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