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1000Limited Edition $995.00 Signed by four legendary P-38 Aces
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Published in 1987, Lightning Strike is one of a number of editions published during a period when the aviation art of Robert Taylor was starting to reach a truly international audience. His skills had developed quickly and this depiction of P-38 Lockheed Lightnings reflect a new level of maturity that conveys both striking beauty and artistic conviction in equal measure.

The Lightning was, of course, one of the fastest aircraft in World War II, and in the Pacific it became one the most deadly long-range fighter-bombers of the entire campaign. Apart from Robert Taylor’s undoubted ability, the current collectability of Lightning Strike has much to do with the four, legendary P-38 Aces who signed the print edition:

Colonel REX BARBER he was credited with the destruction of Admiral Yamamoto’s plane on the famous April 1943 mission, finishing the war as an Ace with 5 victories

Colonel GERALD BROWN the first P-38 Ace in the 8th Air Force in Europe, finishing the war with 5 victories. He later spent three years as a PoW in Korea.

Lieutenant General JAY ROBBINS flew with the Fifth Air Force in the Southwest Pacific, and rose to command the 8th Fighter Group finishing the war as a quadruple P-38 Ace with 22 air victories.

Colonel JOHN MITCHELL he flew 457 combat missions in the Pacific and devised and led Operation Vengeance the famous raid the shoot down Admiral Yamamoto in April 1943. He retired as a triple Ace with 15 victories, including 4 MiGs in Korea

This now classic piece is only available on the secondary market and a ‘must have’ for  collectors pf historic aviation.

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