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1000Limited Edition $195.00 Signed by four P-38 Pilots
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100Artist Proof $295.00 Signed by four P-38 Pilots
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P-38 Lightnings launch a surprise attack on a German freight train as it winds its way through the hills in Northern France. Caught by the P-38 pilots as it crosses a viaduct – previously damaged by Resistance saboteurs – the train will be lucky to make its destination. Already some of the wagons are on fire, the locomotive has taken some hits, and there are three more Lightnings on the way into the attack.


Each print individually signed by FOUR distinguished P-38 Fighter Pilots who flew combat missions on D-Day:

Captain LARRY ‘SCRAPPY’ BLUMER – 6 victories (fastest Ace in a Day)
Lieutenant Colonel JOSEPH A. DOBROWOLSKI
First Lieutenant ROBERT C. MILLIKEN – 5 victories
Colonel DICK WILLSIE – 5 victories

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33 x 24 inches


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