Atlantic Wolves by Robert Taylor Remarque – Framed Collector’s Piece

A type VIIc U-Boat fights off an attack by an American PBY Catalina during a surface action off the Straits of Gibraltar in early 1944
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Framed Remarque Framed copy with Three U-Boat signatures, including Peter Cremer


“the only thing that ever really frightened me during the war was the U-boat peril”.
Winston Churchill

Robert Taylor’s dramatic image illustrates the extreme threat posed by the German U-boats as U-333, commanded by Commander Peter Cremer, rendezvous with another U-boat to scour the horizon for potential targets.

It’s staggering to think that the average life expectancy of a U-boat sailor during World War II was a mere 60 days. It was a cramped, difficult and highly dangerous occupation. Little wonder then that so few lived to tell the tale, and why Robert Taylor’s exceptional print is so important because it was signed not only one of the few surviving U-boat commanders, but a commander who fought on submarines for nearly five years. That man, and the person who makes these prints so sought after, was the legendary Peter Cremer, commander of U-333 amongst others, and holder of Germany’s highest award, the Knight’s Cross. In the last weeks of the war he was the personal bodyguard to Hitler’s successor, Admiral Dönitz.


This print has been hand signed by the artist as well as one of the great U-Boat Commanders of WWII:

Korvettenkapitän PETER-ERICH CREMER Knights CrossCommanded U-152, U-333 & U-2519 / 9 patrols, 6 ships sunk (26,873 tons)

Published in 1987. this classic piece has been sold out for many years and is now highly collectable on the secondary market.


This print is one of 25 copies that had an original pencil Remarque hand drawn by Robert Taylor in the lower margin. It has been conservation framed by our expert team to include a reproduction Kriegsmarine Breast Eagle, along with the original autographs of two more prominent U-Boat Crewmen:

Able Seaman GERHARD KORBJUHN – crew of U-461
Leading Seaman ALOIS MOMPER – crew of U-461

A unique and rare collector’s item.

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