A stunning edition featuring the legendary Battleship Tirpitz, the pride of the Kriegsmarine
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500Limited Edition $350.00 With Four signatures
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400Tirpitz Edition $425.00 With Six signatures
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30Tirpitz Edition Artist Proof $625.00 With Six signatures
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100Veterans Edition $795.00 Two print set with Ten signatures
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Robert Taylor’s painting KNIGHTS MOVE depicts the awesome battleship Tirpitz under the command of Admiral Schniewind, in company with battleships Scheer and Hipper, setting sail during “Operation Rosselsprung”, destined for the open sea and the North Atlantic convoy traffic.

Messerschmitt Me109s of JG-5, based at Petsamo, provide overhead cover while flotilla escort vessels make up the fearsome armada. The magnificent Norwegian mountains provide a spectacular backdrop this comprehensively realistic and stirring World War Two image.


Each copy of Knights Move has been signed by the artist and two veterans of the Tirpitz along with two Luftwaffe Aces:

Leutnant Zur See WILLIBALD VÖLSING Tirpitz Gunnery Controller
Fänrich ARNOLD SCHROEDERTirpitz Bridge Crew
Oberleutnant ERNST SCHEUFELE JG5 /18 victories
Major ERICH RUDORFFER Knights Cross with Oak Leaves & Swords – JG2 / 222 victories


Each print in the Tirpitz Edition carries an additional two signatures, for a total of SIX signatures.

Unteroffizier HEINZ KERN JG5
Oberst HAJO HERMANN Knights Cross with Oak Leaves & Swords – 9 victories


Limited to just 100 prints worldwide, each copy of the exclusive Veteran’s Edition features an additional two signatures on the main print and is issued with a matching numbered companion print, Borne on Eagles Wings.  The companion is personally autographed by two more famous Luftwaffe veterans, making total of TEN signatures!

Oberstleutnant GUNTHER SCHOLZ – JG5 / 33 victories
Leutnant EDMUND “PAULE” ROSSMANN Knights Cross – JG52 / 93 victories
Oberleutnant WALTER SCHUCK Knights Cross with Oak Leaves – JG5 / 206 victories (Companion print)
Unteroffizier GUNTHER KOLB  – JG5 (Companion print)

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Overall Print Size

36 x 24 inches

Release Date

May 2004


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