Fw190s of I./JG-1 make their way back to base after intercepting USAAF bombers on the Schweinfurt Raid, August 17th, 1943. A B-17, downed on the outward leg of the raid has survived a crash-landing in the Dutch marshes below.

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The pilots of I Gruppe JG-1 were up early on August 17, 1943. It was high summer, and even as the first streaks of light appeared in the sky to the east, four pilots got airborne out of Deelan, Holland, and headed for the coast. It was the first routine reconnaissance of the morning. By 0730 German listening services were picking up signals indicating large formations of enemy aircraft assembling to the west of Great Yarmouth, South East England.

By 0800 it was clear to the German interceptor fighter groups stationed in Holland that this was going to be no ordinary day. Shortly after 0930 the first wave of a force of some 375 B-17s and B-24s, heavily escorted by fighters, started crossing the Dutch coast south of the Scheidt estuary, their destination Schweinfurt and Regensburg. They were shadowed by the German fighters of I, II, and III Gruppe along their entire route over Europe.

When the Allied fighter escort turned back at the limit of their range, the Luftwaffe fighters made their attack. It was the start of a day of incessant aerial combat which raged all the way across Holland, Belgium and Germany, and all the way back to the coast again as the Americans returned to England. It was one of the longest air-to-air battles of the war and became known by the Luftwaffe pilots as the “Day of the Fighters”.


The print is individually numbered and hand signed by the artist along with three legendary Aces who flew the Fw190:

Oberleutnant ADOLF GLUNZ – 72 victories
Hauptmann ALFRED GRISLAWSKI – 133 victories
Major GERHARD SCHOPFEL – 45 victories

This is a stunning piece which is personally signed by iconic Aces and perfect for any Luftwaffe enthusiast.

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