On the night of November 2, 1944 a Heinkel 219 and a Messerschmitt 110 of NJG-1 climb out from their base a Munster Hansdorf, as they set out on a deadly mission. Ten aircraft took off to intercept a major raid on Dusseldorf, the night witnessing a fierce battle high above the darkened city.
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NJG-1 crews assisted with the downing of 19 RAF bombers, one Luftwaffe pilot being credited with no fewer than 6 victories that night. Below them the spectacular Ruhr Valley is vibrant in its mantle of winter’s first snowfall


Alongside artist Nicolas Trudgian, the edition includes three rare Luftwaffe night fighter signatories who have authenticated each print.

Major GÜNTHER BAHR  Knights Cross
After serving as a flight instructor he first flew in combat as a Pilot with SKG 210 on the Eastern Front before transferring to Night Fighters, with NJG4 and NJG6 over Russia. Flying more than 90 night fighter missions he scored 37 victories.

Leutnant OTTO FRIES Iron Cross 1st class
He flew on the Western Front continuously from 1942 until the end of the war, first on Me110’s and then the Heinkel 219 Owl. He was shot down four times (including the third ever catapult ejection in combat) and finished the war with 18 victories

Oberfeldwebel ALFRED STAFFA Iron Cross 1st class
Flying on Me110’s and the Heinkel 219 Owl, he served as the Radio/Wireless Operator to Pilot Otto Fries, participating in 18 aerial victories.

Released in 1997, this classic print has been sold out for many years and is the perfect acquisition for aviation art enthusiasts and autograph collectors alike.

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