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1250Limited Edition $895.00 Signed by five Medal of Honor USMC Aces
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125Artist Proof Signed by five Medal of Honor Aces


Robert Taylor’s evocative painting depicts a nail-biting drama in the Solomons during the great struggle for air supremacy in 1943. Marine Corps F4F wildcats and F4U Corsairs have fought a bitter air battle. Weary from the contest pilots head back for base. An F4F Wildcat has been raked across its fuselage by gunfire, taking out the radio and puncturing an oil pipe. The pilot is injured but in control, and thus far has been able to maintain speed. His C.O. and wingman have closed in to give support, but with land in sight the F4F has started to trail smoke. From here on in it is courage, determination, and luck that will bring this Marine pilot back to fight another day.


Each print is signed by FIVE USMC Aces who were recipients of the Medal of Honor in the Pacific during World War II:

Colonel JEFFERSON J. DE BLANC MOH – 9 victories
Brigadier General JOSEPH J. FOSS MOH – 23 victories
Colonel JIM SWETT MOH – 15 ½ victories
Lieutenant KENNETH A. WALSH MOH – 21 victories
Brigadier General ROBERT E. GALER MOH – 11 victories

Sold out for many years this has become one of the most famous pieces in Robert Taylor’s extensive portfolio and combined with these original autographs is a historically important piece.

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36 x 25 inches

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