Released to Commemorate the 65th Anniversary of the Battle of Britian – signed by 501 Sqn Hurricane Pilots
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100Aces Edition Signed by two Battle of Britain Hurricane Aces
450Battle of Britain Edition Signed by six Hurricane pilots


Released on the 65th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain. In this limited edition to commemorate Churchill’s famous “few” Stalwart of the Battle of Britain, the Hawker Hurricane equipped the majority of the RAF squadrons that defended Britain during that epic and decisive air battle in the summer of 1940. At the forefront of the air fighting over the southern counties of England, the young Hurricane pilots of 501 Squadron covered themselves in glory.

Nicolas Trudgian’s painting sets the scene: a victim of yesterday’s aerial conflicts, a crash landed German Ju88 of KG30 lies on the edge of a Sussex field; the attention of two members of the local Home Guard is drawn to the Hurricanes of 501 Squadron as the fighters race back at low-level to Gravesend for fuel and ammunition. Within minutes they will scramble aloft again to rejoin the fray.


Joining artist Nicolas Trudgian, every print in this commemorative edition has been signed in pencil by TWO Aces who flew Hurricanes with 501 Sqn during the Battle of Britain:

Squadron Leader KEN ‘HAWKEYE’ LEE – 5 victories
Wing Commander KEN MACKENZIE – 8 victories


Every print in the Battle of Britain Proof Edition has been additionally signed by the four more fighter pilots who flew with 501 Sqn during the Battle of Britain, a total of SIX signatures:

Flight Lieutenant ERIC PARKIN
Wing Commander VIVIAN SNELL
Wing Commander W.J. GREEN
Squadron Leader TONY PICKERING

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30 ¾ x 23 ½ inches


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