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Nicolas Trudgian’s dramatic painting recreates a scene near Cambrai, Northern France on the morning of March 18, 1918.

Aware of a build-up of forces for a massive German offensive, many RFC squadrons attacked the German positions at very low altitude. Responding with as many squadrons as they could muster, including Richthofen’s JG-1 wing, there followed one of the largest dog-fights of the entire First World War.

Seen in the foreground are a Fokker Triplane and an Albatros, having “winged” a Sopwith Camel from 54 Squadron, as another Camel, and a Bristol fighter of 11 Squadron RFC turn to engage the German fighters. The entire scene captures the very essence of the First World War, and will thrill enthusiasts of aviation history.

Each print has been signed by the artist.

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38 x 22 inches

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