F4U Corsairs of VMF 214 engage Japanese Zeros in combat high over Rabaul in the Solomon Islands, whilst flying top cover for a B-24 raid on the enemy stronghold below, December 1943. 
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This action packed painting depicts an attack on Rabaul during the fall of 1943. B-24 Liberators of the Army Air Force pound the harbor and docks below whilst the Marines Corps pilots of VMF 214 – the famous Black Sheep Squadron – provide top cover in their F4U Corsairs. A fierce dog-fight has developed between the F4U pilots and Japanese Zeros. One Zero, already smoking, begins to roll out of control, while the two F4U pilots turn their attentions on to a second. Below further dog-fights are in progress, the air filled with aerial combat.


Each print is signed by the artist and FOUR Marine Corps F4U Corsair Aces who flew in combat in the Pacific.

Lieutenant Colonel JOHN R. BOLT – 12 victories
Lieutenant Colonel A. ROGER CONANT – 6 victories
Colonel ARCHIE G. DONAHUE – 14 victories
Lieutenant Colonel KENNETH A. WALSH – 21 victories

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33 x 23 inches

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