Flight of Eagles by Robert Taylor Multi-Signed – Framed


General Adolf Galland leads a swarm of Me109s from his famous JG26 “Schlageter” Fighter Wing, as they head out on an early morning patrol over Pas de Calais, 1941.
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Framed Collectors Piece $1,795.00 Signed by TWENTY ONE Luftwaffe Pilots - Framed
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Released in 1985 this classic print was personally signed by one of the most highly-respected Luftwaffe Aces in history:

Generalleutnant ADOLF GALLAND Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords & Diamonds – JG26, JG44 / 104 victories

Some years ago this print was kept aside and where possible additionally signed by Luftwaffe Pilots, and has now accumulated an astonishing total of TWENTY ONE autographs. The signatories on this piece amassed a staggering total of almost 1600 victories:

Leutnant HUGO BROCH Knight’s Cross – JG54 / 81 Victories
Major HANS EKKEHARD-BOB Knights Cross – JG54/ 137 victories
Generalleutnant GÜNTHER RALL Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves & Swords – JG-54/ 275 victories
Oberleutnant KURT SCHULZE – JG5 / 3 victories
Feldwebel HEINZ RADLAUER IC – JG51 / 15 victories
Oberleutnant WALTER WOLFRUM Knights Cross – JG52 / 137 victories
Feldwebel ERNST GIEFING Iron Cross – JG2 / 4 victories (2 in a Me262)
Leutnant ALFRED AMBS JG5, JG7 / 7 victories (all in the Me262)
Unteroffizier GUSTAV DREES – Flew 109s and 190s with JG54 / 4 victories
Feldwebel HERIBERT KOLLER – JG54 / 49 victories
Oberleutnant GÜNTHER SEEGER Knights Cross – JG2, JG53 / 56 victories
Leutnant NORBERT HANNIG Iron Cross First Class – JG54 / 42 victories
Oberleutnant ERNST SCHEUFELE – JG5 /18 victories
Generalleutnant WALTER KRUPINSKI Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves – JG52, JV44 / 197 victories
Oberst HAJO HERMANN Knights Cross with Oak Leaves & Swords – KG4, JG300 / 9 victories
Oberleutnant WALTER SCHUCK Knights Cross with Oak Leaves – JG5, JG7 / 206 victories
Oberfeldwebel WILLI RESCHKE Knights Cross – JG302 / 27 victories
Major ERIC RUDORFFER Knights Cross with Oak Leaves & Swords – JG2, JG7, JG54 / 222 victories
Unteroffizier OTFRIED SAHL – JG52 / 35 Combat missions in a Bf109
Fähnrich MANFRED LEISEBEIN Iron Cross – JG52 / 5 victories

This copy has been framed to conservation standards by our expert team to create a unique collector’s item. A ‘must have’ for aviation art enthusiasts and autograph hunters!

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