FIGHTER GENERAL – Framed Collector’s Piece


A stunning piece published as the second release in the highly collectible Galland Trilogy which also included The Channel Dash and Most Memorable Day
Also available unframed
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Having completed a successful bomber interception high above Salzburg, the Me262s led by Adolf Galland, are returning towards Munich-Riem at full throttle, hugging the deck to avoid the attentions of USAAF escort fighters. Below the crew of a B-24, brought down in the air-fighting has survived a dramatic crash-landing amid spectacular surroundings.


This unique and irreplaceable edition is personally autographed by the legendary Ace Adolf Galland, along with three Pilots who flew Me262s alongside him with JV-44:

Generalleutnant ADOLF GALLAND Knights Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords & Diamonds – 104 victories (7 in the Me262)
Major HANS-EKKEHARD BOB Knights Cross – 60 victories
Leutnant GOTTFRIED FÄHRMANN 4 victories (2 in the Me262)
GeneralleutnantWALTER KRUPINSKI Knights Cross with Oak Leaves – 197 victories

This copy has been framed in our studios to include the original autographs of a further four legendary Aces who flew the Me262 in combat:

Oberleutnant WALTER SCHUCK – Knights Cross with Oak Leaves – 206 victories (8 in the Me262)
General JOHANNES “MACKY” STEINHOFF Knights Cross with Oak Leaves & Swords – 176 victories (6 in the Me262)
Major ERICH RUDORFFER Knights Cross with Oak Leaves & Swords – 222 victories (12 in the Me262)
Oberst HERMANN BUCHNER Knight’s Cross – 58 victories (12 in the Me262)

This long sold out, secondary market piece is seldom available these days and would make the perfect centerpiece for any collection

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