A historic piece paying tribute to one of the most iconic Ocean Liners in Maritime history, personally signed by her final Captain, Treasure Jones.
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When the QUEEN MARY, most famous of all the transatlantic ocean liners, retired gracefully to a berth at Long Beach, California in 1967, she brought to an end an era of maritime opulence, romance and glittering extravagance never seen before or since. In her day, the most beautiful ship afloat, she had carried over two million passengers in one thousand lavish Atlantic crossings, her passenger lists studded with Royalty, stars of the silver screen, sports personalities, the rich and famous.

Robert Taylor masterfully recreates a scene from the great ship’s illustrious past, as she sails from New York or Europe in the early post-war period.  Alive with beauty, energy and strength, the QUEEN MARY steams majestically past the Statue of Liberty, her bows pointed eagerly towards the Atlantic.


Each print is individually hand signed by the artist Robert Taylor and countersigned by R.M.S. QUEEN MARY’s last skipper:


Beginning a Steamship Apprenticeship in 1921, he joined the Royal Naval Reserve in 1925 while serving aboard several Ocean Liners, eventually joining the Cunard White Star line in 1929. Called to active duty at the outbreak of War he commanded several Royal Navy ships in both the European and Pacific Theaters. Initially on Atlantic convoys, he survived the sinking of the SS Laurentic after it was torpdoed, spending six hours adrift. In 1942 whilst commanding HMS Sunflower, he saved 27 crew from the torpedoed HMS Firedrake in 60 ft high waves, for which he was Mentioned in Dispatches. In 1945 he moved to South East Asia under Admiral Mountbatten.
Rejoining the Cunard Line in March 1947 he Commanded a number of Ocean Liners including RMS Queen Elizabeth taking command of RMS Queen Mary in September 1965. On 31 October 1967 he sailed the Queen Mary from Southampton for her 1001st and final Atlantic crossing,  with 1,093 passengers and 806 crew. It was her fastest ever crossing, causing Captain Jones to comment, “The old girl can still pick up her skirt and run!”.
After a voyage around Cape Horn she arrived in Long Beach, California on 9 December 1967. Captain Jones lowered both the Cunard house flag and his own Blue Ensign when he conducted the sale to the City of Long Beach on 11 December 1967.
Treasure Jones retired in August 1968, after a career of 47 years, of which almost 43½ years were spent at sea.

Captain Jones is regarded as one of the 20th century’s most distinguished mariners, in war and in peacetime. He personally autographed the prints in this very special and historic edition shortly before he passed away at the age of 87, in May 1993.

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