DÖNITZ MUSEUM PIECE with Original Drawing by Marii Chernev


The crew of KM Scharnhorst salute U-47 on its return from sinking HMS Royal Oak at Scapa Flow on October 14th, 1939.  The Scharnhorst’s crew stands the rails as U-47’s crew is assembled on deck to receive the salute.
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Original Pencil Drawing $3,695.00 Framed and conservation matted
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This powerful pencil drawing by renowned artist Marii Chernev, has been conservation matted and framed to include a reproduction of Dönitz’s  Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves and U-Boot-Kriegsabzeichen (U-boat War Badge).

Additionally, the framed piece includes two photographs and the original autograph of:

Großadmiral KARL DÖNITZ Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves

Enlisting in the Imperial German Navy in 1910, Dönitz initially served in the Mediterranean, but after moving to Submarines ended WWI as a U-Boat Commander, although he was taken POW by the British in 1918. A career naval officer he was promoted to Rear Admiral in 1939 and as “Commander of the Submarines:” he implemented the feared “Wolfpack” strategy attacking Atlantic convoys.

Regarded as a brilliant Naval tactician he became Commander-in-Chief of the Kriegsmarine and Grand Admiral of the Naval High Command in January 1943, but was so devoted to Submarine warfare that he insisted on retaining direct command of the U-boats.

In his last will and testament Hitler named Dönitz his successor as Head of State and upon Hitler’s suicide in the final days of the war, Dönitz – much to his surprise – was appointed leader of the Reich.  He spent the last few days of the war negotiating surrender with the West, to try and save the German forces from vengeful Soviet reprisals. He authorized the unconditional surrender to General Eisenhower on May 7th, ending the war in Europe.

This piece has been created as a Museum collector’s item for the purpose of historic wartime preservation. In no way is it intended to support, condone, or encourage extremist political views.

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Total Size Framed

20 x 24 ½ inches
Drawing size: 10 x 5 inches


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