A historic and unique piece recounting a true event during the early days of the war in the Pacific.
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During the first grim days of the Pacific War the Allies were overwhelmed as one territory after another fell to the Japanese onslaught. Retaliating as best they could, Allied Forces hit back whenever possible and one of the first successes against the Japanese was by Dutch Forces on 23 December 1941, just 16 days after Pearl Harbor.

A Japanese invasion fleet had been spotted steaming south towards British Borneo and a Royal Netherlands Navy submarine K XIV, alerted to their position, was heading west in order to make an interception. But the Japanese changed course during the night and made for the beaches off Kuching – the opposite direction to that of the submarine.

However a patrolling Dornier 24 Flying Boat of the Royal Netherlands Navy sighted the fleet on its new course, and by a remarkable chance encounter also spotted the patrolling Dutch submarine K-XIV on the surface, and immediately signaled the location, course and speed of the convoy.  Receiving the pilot’s signal “enemy to the north east”, the submarine engaged the Japanese in the shallow waters off the landing beach head, causing chaos amongst the fleet.  Two ships were sunk and another two severely damaged.  The Dornier, despite being heavily engaged by “Pete” floatplanes from a Japanese heavy cruiser, managed to return safely to base.


Every print in the limited edition has been exclusively signed by Dutch veterans from World War II, including Two survivors of the Flying Boat’s aircrew plus Three crew members from submarine K XIV – all were personally involved in the “Chance Encounter.”

Oud Adjudant Onderofficier Vlieger PAUL KOMMER – the Do 24 Co-Pilot. He flew 50 combat missions in the Pacific and survived being held as a Japanese POW.
Luitenant ter Zee VK 20C b.d. GERARDUS “GERARD” VAN SCHOOTEN – the Do 24 Flight Engineer / Air Gunner. He flew 76 combat missions, survived as a Japanese POW and was the most highly decorated NCO in the Royal Netherlands Navy.
Kapitein-Luitenant ter Zee KMR b.d. JULIUS “RED” VAN NIEUWENHUIZEN – the Officer of the Watch on the bridge of K XIV. He had escaped to England when Germany invaded the Netherlands in May 1940 and went on to complete 28 Submarine combat patrols.
Luitenant ter Zee SD 20C b.d. HENDRIK “HENK” VAN DEN ENDE – NCO in K XIV’s torpedo room. He joined the Royal Netherlands Navy in 1934 and completed 28 Submarine combat patrols.
Luitenant ter Zee VK 20C b.d. EELKE “BOB” SCHOLTE – the Gunner on K XIV’s 88mm deck gun. He completed more than 15 Submarine combat patrols against the Japanese.

Published in 1997 only a small number of these prints were made available outside the Netherlands, making this a unique and seldom seen piece

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