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350Limited Edition $150.00 Signed by Dambuster George Johnson
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25Artist Proof $215.00 Signed by Dambuster George Johnson
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The Möhne Dam – 17 May 1943 00.49hrs

The journey had been eventful, flying low they had crossed the Dutch coast and headed inland, skimming along canals and the countryside at tree-top heights and meeting heavy flak at various points along the route.

This dramatic scene depicts Guy Gibson engaging enemy flak positions whilst Lancaster AJ-J, with pilot David Maltby at the controls, banks steeply away after delivering the coup-de-grace. A huge explosion and towering pillar of water marks the breach where a vast torrent of water begins to rush into the valley below. The first of the mighty dams have been cracked apart. With the ruined wall of the Möhne Dam behind them, Martin and Maltby turn for home whilst Gibson leads his remaining aircraft 50 miles to the south-east where they will successfully breach their second target, the Eder Dam.

Released as part of The Dambusters 70th Anniversary Portfolio to commemorate this historic event, Anthony’s atmospheric piece is available individually or as a pair with FINAL BRIEFING.


Every print in all of the editions has been hand numbered and personally signed by the artist. In Tribute to the crews of 617 Squadron who undertook the historic Dambuster Raid, each print has been signed by a veteran who was serving on that historic event.


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Overall Print Size

26 ½ x 19 ½ inches

Release Date

April 2013


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