A stunning edition featuring one of the most feared aircraft of WWII – the Stuka! Signed by iconic Stuka Pilots.
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1250Limited Edition $375.00 Signed by four Stuka pilots
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Artist Proof $520.00 Signed by four Stuka pilots
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The Stuka when dressed for war was an awesome spectacle. Robert Taylor’s outstanding painting depicts a formation of JU87s bombed up and fitted with long range tanks heading out on a shipping strike over the Mediterranean in 1941. Following its success in the Polish and French ‘Blitzkrieg’ campaigns, the Stuka was seen by the German High Command as the supreme new weapon to succeed long range artillery. With its banshee-like wailing siren the Stuka pilots would deliver destruction from the skies and create a devastating psychological effect upon all those below.


Each print individually signed by the artist and four iconic  Stuka pilots, all of them recipients of the Knight’s Cross:

Oberleutnant HELMUT FICKEL Knights Cross
Major FRANZ KIESLICH Knights Cross with Oak Leaves
Oberst KURT KUHLMEY Knights Cross
Oberstleutnant HANS-KARL STEPP Knights Cross with Oak Leaves

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34 x 24 inches

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