A powerful piece featuring one of the most devastating Luftwaffe Fighters of WWII – the Fw190.
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As the Allied Air Forces began their massed attack on Germany’s oil refineries, the Luftwaffe was about to hit back with a new battle tactic– the Sturmgruppe!

As the huge mass of American bombers streamed into the daylight skies, the Luftwaffe quickly changed tactics to counter this potentially devastating threat. Flying their redesigned and heavily armored Sturmböcke Fw190A-8 heavy fighters, pilots of the newly formed IV Sturm/JG3 Gruppe were urgently assigned the task of attacking the vast bomber streams to protect the refineries.

Richard’s exciting piece captures the scene: Closing at high speed with all cannons blazing, Unteroffizier Willi Maximowitz is seen flying his distinctive ”Black 8” with IV Sturm/JG3, as he dives in to attack a formation of USAAF B-24s from the 93rd Bomb Group.

The edition carries superb Luftwaffe signatures which are getting more and more difficult to obtain, making for a highly collectible piece.


Each print in this outstanding edition is personally signed by Three highly experienced Luftwaffe pilots who flew the Fw190 A-8 in Defence of the Reich.

Leutnant HELMUT BALLEWSKI Iron Cross – JG53
Leutnant KURT WUPPERMANN – JG 54 / 3 victories
Oberfeldwebel WILLI RESCHKE Knights Cross – JG301 / 27 victories

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Overall Print Size

30 ½ x 23 ¾ inches

Release Date

March 2007


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