A stunning piece including the original autographs of legendary Fw190 Aces
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1250Limited Edition $525.00 Signed by four Fw 190 Aces
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125Artist Proof $645.00 Signed by four Fw 190 Aces
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Equipped with new Fw190s, the notorious fighter interceptors of JG-2 achieved startling success against the still inexperienced USAAF B-17 crews that regularly visited occupied ports on the west coast of France in 1943. The Fw190 quickly established a fearsome reputation and became the mainstay of the German defense.

This spectacular painting highlights both the elegance and lethality of the Fw190. A group of A-3 and A-4s of JG-2 climb out over Théville in Western France, to intercept an in-coming armada of B-17 Fortresses en route to bomb the submarine pens at Lorient, in March 1943.


Every print is personally signed by the artist Robert Taylor together with four iconic Fw190 Aces:

Leutnant HUGO BROCH Knights Cross – 81 victories
Major HEINZ LANGE Knights Cross – 70 victories
Major FRITZ LOSIGKEIT Knights Cross – 68 victories
Hauptmann GÜNTHER SCHACK Knights Cross with Oak Leaves – 174 victories

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