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1250Limited Edition - Signed by seven Lancaster Crew
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50Publishers Proof - Signed by seven Lancaster Crew


A Lancaster has been damaged and is left far behind the main force to make its own perilous way home as best it can. Seeing the vulnerability of their friends, a Mosquito crew expose themselves to the same dangers, and throttle back to stay alongside the injured warbird. Dawn has broken, the visibility is unlimited. They have yet to make that Channel crossing and enemy fighters are in the area. The crew of the Lancaster struggle to maintain flying speed and enough height to bring their large four-engined aircraft home. Perhaps tonight they will all drink and laugh in the local pub – perhaps!

Released in 1989 and carrying outstanding signatures, this is a long sold out and very collectible edition.


Each print is signed by a complete Lancaster Crew with a combined 420 operational missions and a host of decorations, including the Victoria Cross, between them.  This unique release provides collectors with the only Limited Edition print signed by a complete crew.

Flight Lieutenant BILL REID VC
Flight Lieutenant LEN SUMPTER
Flight Lieutenant LYNDON SIMS
Warrant Officer HOWIE WING
Warrant Officer FRED CONEY
Squadron Leader JOHN COSTELLO

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34 x 24 inches

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