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350Limited Edition $145.00 Signed by two RAF pilots and one Luftwaffe night fighter pilot
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25Artist Proof $215.00 Signed by two RAF pilots and one Luftwaffe night fighter pilot
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In a desperate attempt to save what remained of the once-proud, now ruined city of Berlin, the remnants of the Luftwaffe’s beleaguered night-fighter units fought boldly till the end. Short on fuel, spares and ammunition, the pilots of NJG11 faced the impossible task of protecting the shattered capital from the far-reaching arm of the RAF Bomber Command.

As the climax of the inevitable defeat approaches, Leutnant Jorg Cypionka of 10./NJG11 engages a powerful incoming force of fast, high-flying RAF Mosquitos from 139 (Jamaica) Squadron (PFF) in one of his unit’s few remaining Me262A jets. The Mosquito crews, however, know the dangers of these hotly contested skies over Berlin only too well. From the night of 20/21 February the aircraft of 139 Squadron will run the deadly gauntlet of flak and night-fighters on 36 consecutive night attacks on the city.

Anthony Saunders’ powerful painting NIGHT HUNTERS – released as part of the Night Skies over the Reich Portfolio with BERLIN BOAR FIGHT – depicts this legendary endgame as adversaries engage in deadly duels over Berlin.


Each print in every edition has been hand numbered and personally signed by the artist and two highly respected RAF Mosquito aircrew who flew over Berlin along with one of the Luftwaffe’s most prominent Me262 night-fighter pilots:

Flying Officer MIKE BAYON DFC
Flight Lieutenant GEORGE CASH DFC
Leutnant JORG CZYPIONKA Iron Cross

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Overall Print Size

26 ½ x 19 ⅝ inches

Release Date

October 2012


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