Prey for Mercy by John Shaw – Framed Collector’s Piece


Following John’s iconic paintings A Higher Call, and In the Presence of my Enemy, this outstanding piece depicts the remarkable story of WWII pilots, Franz Stigler and Charlie Brown.
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Framed Collectors Piece $965.00 Matted with original autograph of Franz Stigler


B-17 pilot Charlie Brown & his crew were certain they’d not live to see Christmas 1943… Luftwaffe ace Franz Stigler watched in amazement as this easy prey limped overhead, just as his Bf-109 had been refueled and rearmed. This 3rd kill for him in such a short period of time would certainly win him the coveted Knight’s Cross. The prospect was so easy… But upon reaching his helpless foe, would he claim the prize? Or would his conscience demand that he answer a Higher Call?

In one of the most inspiring stories to spring from the horrors of World War II, this honorable man’s decision to show mercy to his enemy would one day yield rewards far greater than any his country could bestow- the lives of many men & their grandchildren, and friendship with a one-time for which would equal that of his own brother.

This Artist Proof print is conservation framed and matted to include a replica JG 27 patch as well as the original autograph of:

Oberleutnant FRANZ STIGLER

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39 ½ x 28 inches


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