OLD CROW – Original drawing by Richard Taylor


A tribute to the P-51 Mustang and the Aces who flew it during WWII
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Original Pencil Drawing Framed with 10 Mustang Ace signatures $1,925.00
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Rendered in brilliant pencil detail, this stunning original pencil drawing by Richard Taylor depicts legendary triple Ace ‘Bud’ Anderson flying his P-51 Mustang, Old Crow, high above the clouds with the 363rd Fighter Squadron, 357th Fighter Group in June, 1944.

This unique drawing has been personally autographed by the artist as well as the following distinguished P-51 Mustang Aces:

Colonel CLARENCE E. “BUD” ANDERSON – 357th Fighter Group / 16¼ victories
Lieutenant Colonel CLYDE EAST – 10th Photo Reconnaissance Group / 13 victories
Colonel ART FIEDLER – 325th Fighter Group / 8 victories
Colonel STEVE PISANOS – 4th Fighter Group / 10 victories
Captain CLINTON BURDICK – 356th Fighter Group / 5½  victories
Captain JIM BROOKS – 31st Fighter Group / 13 victories

Additionally, this historic display piece has been framed and conservation matted to include the original signatures of:

Lieutenant Colonel DONALD CUMMINGS – 55th Fighter Group / 6½ victories
Major WILLIAM H ALLEN – 55th Fighter Group / 5 victories
Colonel GERALD BROWN USAAF – 55th Fighter Group / 5 victories
Major General DONALD J STRAIT – 356th Fighter Group / 13½ victories

With almost 100 victories between them, this signatories included in this piece help make it a historic collector’s item.

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20 x 19 ¼ inches


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