ASSAULT ON THE CAPITAL – Original Drawing by Richard Taylor


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Original Pencil Drawing With three Luftwaffe signatures - Framed -


A flight of Messerschmitt Bf109’s escort Luftwaffe Ju-88s during a bombing raid to London at the height of the Battle of Britain, September 1940.

This unique drawing, completed in a graphite and paint combination, is personally autographed by the artist and an iconic Luftwaffe Battle of Britain Ace:

Oberleutnant ERWIN LEYKAUF 33 victories
He flew with JG27 at the beginning of the Battle of Britain, then with JG54 where he scored his first victories.  Transferring to the Balkans, and later the Eastern Front in 1943 he joined JG26 flying the Fw190.  At the end of the war he converted to fly the
Me262 jet and transferred to JG7. Finishing the war with 33 aerial victories he was awarded the Iron Cross I and II class.

Additionally, this historic display piece has been framed and conservation matted to include the original signatures of two more distinguished Luftwaffe Battle of Britain Aces:

Major HANS-EKKEHARD BOBKnights Cross / 60 victories
A veteran of the Polish campaign, he scored his first victory on May 10, 1940 in the Battle of France and was prolific during the Battle of Britain, recording 19 victories by November 1940.  He took command of IV./JG54 on the Eastern Front in June 1943, returning to the west to lead II./JG3 during the Normandy Campaign and the Defense of the Reich.  A hugely respected leader he trained pilots on the new Me262 jet with EJG2 before joining Adolf Galland’s JV44 in March 1945.  He finished the war having flown over 700 missions and scoring 60 victories.

Major HEINZ LANGEKnights Cross / 70 victories
Heinz Lange took part in all the early battles of WWII flying with JG2 Richtofen, II./JG26 and later I./JG21, scoring his first victory on the Western Front in 1939.  After the Battle of France he transferred to III./JG54 flying throughout the Battle of Britain.  An outstanding and highly respected leader he took over JG-52 Mölders in 1944,  becoming the unit’s final commander of the war, and completed 628 missions and scoring 70 victories.

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20 x 19 ¼ inches


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